Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition
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Zero Point Breakthrough - First Edition
Title Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition
Abilities Freezing
Similar Techniques Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised
Manga Debut Chapter 132
Anime Debut Episode 62

Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition (零地点突破: ファースト エディション, Zero Chiten Toppa: Faasuto Edishon) is a technique created by Vongola Primo and later used by the Ninth and Tenth Vongola Bosses. It takes advantage of the user being in Hyper Dying Will Mode to create ice that can seal away Dying Will Flames and can only be melted by strong Dying Will Flames.


X-Gloves Turns I-Gloves

The "I" appearing

  • The ice created by this technique cannot be melted using ordinary means, as any energy that comes in contact with it gets turned into negative energy. It can only be melted using Dying Will Flames.
  • When Tsuna uses this Technique an "I" appears on his X-Gloves to show that it was a technique created by Giotto, Vongola Primo.
  • Tsuna created the Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised during his training to use the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.