Title Scolopendra di Nuvola
Name Zamza
Designer Lorenzini
Attribute Cloud
Animal Centipede
Users Lal Mirch
  • Expelling Flames
  • Draining Enemy Flames
Power C
Intelligence D
Speed B
Stamina C
Size 20-30cm (7.9-11.8 inches)
Personality Diligent
  • Shield
  • Strangle
  • Perforate
Manga Debut Chapter 138
Anime Debut Episode 74

A Cloud-attribute insect-type Box Weapon that is called Zamza by its owner, Lal Mirch. Due the Cloud Flames that envelops its body that possess the property of Propagation, it can freely change its own size. Although not considered powerful, it is regarded as a Box Weapon for advanced users due its capacities to adapt to various types of combat, such as diverting enemy Flames into the atmosphere and becoming a shield by whirling around.


  • This is the first animal Box Weapon to be seen in the Future Arc.
  • When Lal Mirch and Bianchi were talking about the prototype Box Weapons, this centipede appeared in an image.


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