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Yuni Comes

175 Cover

Yuni Kōrin
Air Date March 13, 2010
Arc Choice Arc
Episode 175
Opening Song Funny Sunny Day
Ending Song Gr8 Story
Episode Guide
Truth of the Future

Yuni Comes (ユニ光臨) is the 175th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Shoichi Irie reveals that their world has not been taken over due to his and Future Tsuna's intervention and that the plan to bring their past selves to the future was thought of by Future Tsuna. Byakuran demands the surrender of the Vongola rings after the Choice battle. However, due to Byakuran owing Irie a favor and Yuni's, the second leader of the Millefiore Family, opposition, the match is annulled. Yuni asks Tsuna to protect her and announces to Byakuran she will be defecting from the Millefiore.



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