Yuni & Gamma

Chapter 196

Yuni to Gamma
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 196
Volume Souen Style Special Method Arrives!
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The Gesso and the Giglio Nero

Yuni & Gamma is the 196th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


In a flashback, Gamma, Tazaru, and Nosaru arrived at the Giglio Nero Famiglia's base. As they enter, Gamma calls out for the guards not to shoot him. Gamma immediately asks about the boss's condition. His Family members are speechless. As Gamma bursts in, Genkishi states that the boss lost against the illness. Gamma is devastated, and slowly enters the back room. As Gamma despairs and declares it was his fault, a person disagrees, revealed to be Yuni.

Yuni welcomes him back. While Gamma expresses his confusion and rage over Yuni possessing the Sky Pacifier, Yuni states that her mother gave it to her, to which Genkishi states that the boss was Yuni's mother. Gamma then expresses his disbelief, and tears his arm away from Yuni's. However, he notices that her sleeve is wet. Gamma then has a flashback, where Aria stated that for generations, her blood seemed to be cursed. However, she said that her mother said that to make your surroundings happy, you laugh. Because of this, Gamma notices the resemblance between Yuni and Aria as they smile. He also notices the Sky Pacifier glowing. As he wonders if his boss is alive, Yuni finishes Gamma's mental sentence out loud.

Gamma then kneels, and asks Yuni to forgive him for his impoliteness, and declares that he would protect her with his life. At the present battlefield, Gamma states to Gokudera that although the Vongola are scum, they share a common goal; to defeat Byakuran. Gokudera expresses his shock, as Byakuran is Gamma's boss. In another flashback, three months after Yuni took over Aria's role as the boss, Genkishi came back, defeated, and reveals that he made a deal with the Gesso Famiglia that if he defeated Squalo, they wouldn't bother the Giglio Nero Famiglia for 5 years. Yuni then comes up to Genkishi and tells him not to talk anymore, as his wounds were bad. She also stated that she understood his feelings. Genkishi began to sweat. Yuni then declares that she would go to the Gesso Famiglia hideout for negotiations. As Gamma tries to discourage Yuni, Yuni softly states that no one but she herself would be able to stop Byakuran.


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