Yuni's Arrival


Yuni Kōrin
Arc Choice Arc
Chapter 254
Volume Yuni Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Phalaenopsis Paradox 2

Yuni's Arrival is the 254th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Yuni arrives, surprising everyone except Reborn, whom she calls Uncle. Tsuna is surprised at hearing this and suddenly notices a pacifier hanging from her neck. Yuni greets the Vongolas happily and Shoichi reveals that Byakuran broke her soul and took away her power of speech with a drug. However, Yuni tells everyone that her soul escaped to somewhere far away and she reveals that she may also be able to travel to other worlds, like Byakuran. Yuni agrees to give the Vongola a rematch and reveals to everyone that the promise between Byakuran and Shoichi exists but Byakuran refuses, saying that the power of making the final decision rests with him alone since she is only second in command.

Hearing this, Yuni announces that she withdraws from the Millefiore Famiglia and requests for Tsuna to protect her and reveals that she has the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. As Byakuran makes to approach her, Yuni tells Byakuran to stay away from her but Byakuran ignores her and reaches for her, causing Reborn to shoot him on the hand, saying that he won't stand for it if he touches the leader of the Arcobalenos. Kikyo tries to attack but his attacks are deflected by Squalo and Hibari, who argue over who will fight him. With this, the battle continues...


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