Yamamoto (Vongola GP Kuru!)
Romaji Name Yamamoto
Gender Male
Age 14
Status Alive
Team Vongola
Weapons Sword
Family Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Manga Debut Yamamoto Arrives!

Yamamoto is one of the main characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!'s spin-off manga, Vongola GP Kuru!

Character OutlineEdit

Yamamoto is the third racer of Team Vongola who was recruited after Tsuna's first victory.


Yamamoto is always shown to wear a black long yukata and a black shirt beneath it.


Like his original counterpart, Yamamoto is a friendly, easy-going, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky person. He'll become angry if anyone dares to hurt his friends and will make sure to payback for what they have done to his friends. Reflecting with his original who has hidden talent to become a hitman, Yamamoto has natural hidden talent to become a racer, which he displays quickly during his first time riding a cart in his match with Tsuna and even quickly reached the second best racer in the town. Unlike his original though, Yamamoto has been devoted to his swordsmanship from the very beginning and still does so, which becomes handy during the race.

Plot OverviewEdit


After reading the news about Team Vongola's first victory in the newspaper, Yamamoto visited the Team Vongola's HQ and challenge Tsuna for a cart race even though he had never riding a cart before. Seeing Yamamoto's hidden talent, Reborn makes Tsuna agree for a match. As the race started, Yamamoto easily adjusts riding his cart and reach the first place. When they entered the tunnel to the finish line, Yamamoto suddenly draws his sword, claiming that he made a deal with his father that if able to defeat Tsuna, he will be allowed to continue his sword training, and if he doesn't, he'll quit. Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, using X Tornado to reach the finish line before Yamamoto, winning the race. Realizing that Yamamoto actually still wants to continue his sword training, Tsuna invited him to join Team Vongola where he can use his swordsmanship as part of the race, not breaking his promise with his father. Later, during another race, Yamamoto quickly gains reputation, earning second place just behind Enma.

Kokuyo Trio AssaultEdit

Gokudera was attacked by a group of three mysterious people who claimed to have stolen an important belonging to the Vongola. He and Tsuna visits Gokudera at the hospital and forms a plan to arrest the three. At a warehouse where the three are waiting, Gokudera disguised himself as Yamamoto for distraction while Yamamoto secretly catch Chrome to be taken tot he police. After the race is finished however, before he realized, Chrome already freed and replaced herself with a wooden doll. Yamamoto then congratulates Tsuna for his victory statue that Gokudera has made.

Kokuyo Grand PrixEdit

Yamamoto participates in the race along with Gokudera and Tsuna, taking the first place. However, he is then separated from Gokudera by Ken and Chikusa, who intends to defeat them one by one with the data they have gathered during their previous encounter. After Gokudera is defeated, Yamamoto is cornered and almost lost until Tsuna saves him. At the end of the race, he reaches the third place, just behind Mukuro and Tsuna.

Varia Grand PrixEdit

He, Gokudera, and Lambo participates in the second round against Team Varia, guessing the images that are shown by Cervello with each time they answer right, they'll be allowed to attack. Initially, Yamamoto and Gokudera able to provides right answers until the Varia broke the rule and just attacking them under Xanxus' order who told them to just finished them off. Fortunately, Hibari, who was annoyed by Team Varia's noisy crowding, arrives and destroys their merged carts with a single blow, declaring Team Vongola as the winner of the second round.


  • Unlike his original manga counterpart, his father is against him continuing his sword training because he deems it's too dangerous.
  • Yamamoto uses his swordsmanship to help his father's sushi shop by catching fishes (most are dangerous ones) to be used as sushi ingredients.

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