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Yamamoto's Bat
Bat | Blade
Yama's Transforming Bat
Weapon Bat/Sword
Abilities Transforms into a Blade
User Takeshi Yamamoto
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Anime Debut Episode 12

Yamamoto's Bat is a bat that was given to Yamamoto by Reborn shortly before the Kokuyo Arc. Before receiving the Shigure Kintoki or learning the Shigure Soen Ryu, Yamamoto used a bat that, when swung at 300 km per hour, transforms into a blade. His first bat broke during his fight with Ken but Reborn gave him a second one, exactly the same. The bat was later replaced by the Shigure Kintoki, given to Yamamoto by his father, that transforms from a bamboo sword into an actual blade in a similar way.

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