Xanxus's Mother

Xanxus's Mum

Gender Female
Status Unknown
Family Xanxus (son)
Manga Debut Chapter 134
Anime Debut Episode 64

Character OutlineEdit

Xanxus's Mother originated from Italy and lived a life of poverty. She was mentally unstable and deluded herself to believe she had an affair with Timoteo, the Vongola Nono, and gave birth to Xanxus because Xanxus possessed the Flame of Wrath. She is the one who named Xanxus and, as she said, used the letter X (which represents the number 10 in Roman numerals) twice in his name because she believed he would succeed Timoteo and become the tenth Vongola boss. After she left her son in the care of Timoteo, her status became unknown and she was never seen or mentioned again.


Xanxus's mother wears a brown hooded cloak over a long-sleeved white blouse and a long brown skirt. She has long, dark hair tied into pigtails, a pale face, a perpetually exhausted expression and a pointy nose. Xanxus slightly resembles her, especially the facial features.

Plot OverviewEdit

Varia ArcEdit

Xanxus reveals the identity of his mother as he angrily explains that he had no relation to the Ninth whatsoever and that his own mother had deluded herself into thinking that she had an affair with the Vongola Nono since Xanxus possessed the Flame of Wrath. The truth was that Timoteo had never even met her before.

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