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Tsuna's Contacts
Title X-Contacts
Users Tsunayoshi Sawada
Creator Spanner
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 193

Chapter 301 (Upgraded Version)

Anime Debut Episode 129

The X-Contacts are contact lenses made by Spanner to perfect Tsunayoshi's X-Burner. They work in conjunction with the X-Headphones. The Contacts are activated when Tsuna gives the command, "Operation X", and create an interface to help Tsuna aim at a target, as well as to help him find the right balance between the Soft and Hard Flames. By creating a perfect balance, Tsuna is able to use the X-Burner without the previous drawback, such as being blown away due to the intensity of the Hard Flames.
Both the Contacts and Headphones were later upgraded by the present-day Spanner before the Vongola's showdown with the Simon Famiglia. They can also perform "Operation XX" for the XX-Burner.

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