Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on X-Burner, Tsuna's main finisher. If you are looking for the article on X-Burner, the episode, then you should head to X Burner (Episode).

X-Burner | Oath Flame Version
X-Burner Air
Title X-Burner
Abilities Wide Scale Destruction
Users Tsuna
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 170

Chapter 208 (Perfected version) Chapter 343 (Oath Flame version

Anime Debut Episode 96

The X-Burner (X (イクス) BURNER (バーナー), Ikusu Bānā) is one of Tsuna's most powerful attacks. It consists of a blast of Sky Flames from the X-Gloves V.V.R., usable on the ground and in the air. Tsuna was able to perfect it with the use of the Contact Lens made by Spanner. While using "Soft Flames" to create support, he fires the "Hard Flame" forward. Its strongest blast record until the Choice Arc had a strength of 250000+ FV (Fiamma Voltage. Tsuna broke the record when he blasted Torikabuto's illusion with 300000 FV. He did so to save Shoichi Irie, who was the target of the Choice battle, from Kikyo of the Six Funeral Wreaths. Tsuna also used this technique in order to eradicate Byakuran at the end of the Future Arc.


  • Regular Version: The original form of the X-Burner.
  • XX-Burner: A X-Burner with increased power. Tsuna uses his arm thrusters to support himself and releases Flame from both of his X-Gloves.
  • Oath Flame X-Burner: Tsuna is capable of firing an Oath Flame charged X-Burner that does not require any time to balance the Flame output.
  • Condensed X-Burner: An Oath Flame X-Burner that is focused with the power of the Earth Flame's Gravity Manipulation.

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