World of Ten Years Later

74 Cover

Jūnen-go no Sekai
Air Date March 15, 2008
Arc Future Arc
Episode 74
Opening Song 88
Ending Song STAND UP!
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World of Ten Years Later (10年後の世界) is the 74th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Reborn is hit by Lambo's ten year bazooka and sent to the future when Lambo is annoyed by his cotudo viado

e. Thus Tsuna, Haru and Hayato look for him around the town since five minutes have already passed and he didn't appear.
Tsuna & Adult Gokudera

Future Gokudera at Tsuna's grave

Tsuna then tries to make Adult Lambo appear by taking Lambo's bazooka and firing it at him in order to explain what had happened, but Lambo says that his boss told him not to use it, so Tsuna tries to convince Lambo in using it saying that his boss already knows that he doesn't stops using it, resulting in Tsuna to being accidentally shot in the process. He then appears in the world ten years in the future in a coffin in the middle of a forest. He sees the 10 years older Hayato and asks what is he doing inside a coffin. The older Gokudera tells him to kill Shoichi Irie and is almost explaining what happened when the 10 years younger Hayato Gokudera also appears. They soon realise they are not being sent back after the usual time limit and start to panic. Lal Mirch then attacks and traps Gokudera, while he and Tsuna mistake her for a man. Tsuna enters his Hyper Dying Will Mode and fights her but she releases her Centipede Box Weapon to defeat Tsuna. She tells them to follow her and gives Tsuna sandals to use but Hayato is still suspicious of her.



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