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Kanji Name 尾道
Romaji Name Wonomichi
  • Representative Battle of the Rainbow Planner
  • Kawahira's messenger
Gender Male
Status Alive
Partner Kawahira
Manga Debut Chapter 355

Character OutlineEdit

Wonomichi (尾道, Wonomichi) is the planner of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, a battle royale between the various representatives that the Arcobaleno have chosen. Similar to Ryohei, he has a terrible memory, having to write notes on his own arm to be able to remember certain things.


Wonomichi has sleek, gelled back, dark hair and rather odd-looking eyes with no irises. He wears a suit with checkered gloves and a checkered tie to go along with it. His hat is somewhat similar to Kawahira's while disguised as Checker Face.


Wonomichi is very cheerful all the time, being always seen with a smile on his face and unfazed whenever someone expresses anger or annoyance towards him. He also speaks in a strangely sort of cheerful manner, tending to add "hee hee hee" or "ho ho ho" to the end of his sentences, also occasionally speaking in a childish manner, such as saying "righty-rooty-right" as opposed to just "right".

History Edit

At some point, he became acquainted with Kawahira and began assisting him in organizing the Arcobaleno battles. However, it seems that Kawahira omitted some details. Wonomichi then proceeded to Namimori to execute Kawahira's orders.

Plot OverviewEdit

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Wonomichi first appeared in the Varia's hotel room, where Xanxus shot at him but narrowly missed. After bursting into the room, he announced that he was the planner of the Arcobaleno battle, leading Reborn and Mammon to compare him with Checker Face, as his hat was similar to the latter's as well. After completing his explanation of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, he went to each of the Arcobaleno and their representatives to explain the battle's rules as well. After explaining the rules and delivering the wristwatches, Wonomichi reported to Checker Face that he had finished his task as instructed.

Later, he appears in the various battles of the second day to reinforce the rules and briefly appears informing Checker Face about Team Bermuda and stands by Checker Face's side as he announces the second day's results.

After the last battle of the Representative Battle, Wonomochi appears to announce the winner, not speaking of the Arcobaleno succession process. Because of that, Bermuda is angered, making Checker Face appear in Wonomochi's defense, stating that he didn't know the actual intent of the competition.

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