When the Rainbow Fades

Target 279

Niji no Kieru Toki
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 279
Volume Transfer Students Arrive!
Chapter Guide
"Sea", "Shellfish", and "Rainbow"
The Last Blow

When the Rainbow Fades is the 279th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Byakuran charges at Tsuna but Tsuna is still able to match him and throws him back. Byakuran then uses his Black Dragon but Tsuna easily dodges them and attacks Byakuran again. Byakuran then uses an unnamed attack which causes multiple hands to charge at Tsuna, but Tsuna is able to cut down the hands but the hands heads for Yuni's direction. However, Yuni is able to protect herself with some Sky Flames. Seeing this, Byakuran asks Yuni if she is really going to sacrifice her life for the pacifiers. Tsuna tries to get her to stop but she refuses, saying that the Arcobaleno's revival are essential for them to return to the past and that many innocent lives can be saved. Byakuran tries to charge at Yuni, wanting to stop her plan, only to be blocked by Tsuna.

As Tsuna continues to fight Byakuran, Mukuro and Dino try to get everyone to destroy the barrier and help Yuni. As Yuni continues to take her plan into action, she becomes frightened with the thought of dying and collapses on her knees, crying. Tsuna tries to get her to stop the plan but she decides to continue and stands up, thanking everyone. Just then, the combined forces of the Vongola is able to make a crack on the barrier allowing Gamma to enter to comfort Yuni and also offers his flames. He hugs her and gets her to smile as their flames ceased to burn...


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