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What You Believe In

91 Cover

Shinjiru Mono
Air Date July 22, 2008
Arc Future Arc
Episode 91
Opening Song 88
Ending Song Cycle
Episode Guide
Rain Owl (Gufo di Pioggia)
Entrusted Selection

What You Believe In (信じるもの) is the 91st episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


With no escape routes available, and Mukuro Rokudo being in a weakened state, Mukuro explains to Chrome Dokuro that it is up to her to win the fight. Drawing power from both her trust in Mukuro and the Vongola Ring, Chrome's illusions become far more effective, to where even Glo can't tell whether or not they are real. The fight soon concludes in a victory for Chrome, and the Future Ryohei is introduced at the very end of the episode.


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