Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on Vs. Jager, the 398th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!. If you are looking for the article on Vs. Jager, the battle between the Allied Team and Jager, then you should head to Vs. Jager.

Vs. Jager

Chapter 398 Cover

Vs. イェーガー
Bāsasu I~ēgā
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 398
Chapter Guide
Vongola Strength

Vs. Jager is the 398th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Gokudera and Yamamoto's battle watches are destroyed at the cost of defeating Small Gia and Big Pino. Ryohei and Fon arrives and heals Basil's wounds. Ryohei asks how Tsuna's eyes are, which the latter answers that he would be able to see normally again soon. Chrome volunteers that she and Flan should go together with him since their battle watches are still intact. However, Tsuna tells them to rest since they're also wounded and they have already used up most of their flames. Hearing this, Fon suggests for Tsuna to rest for a while as well and leave together afterwards since there is still three minutes left before their strategy's time limit. Reluctantly, Tsuna agrees as he wonders how the others are doing.

Back at the park, Byakuran attacks Jager first with his White Dragon. Jager easily and quickly defeats the dragon and instantly appears behind Xanxus, cutting off his right arm. Squalo attacks Jager, but Jager shatters Squalo's sword before stabbing through his chest. Jager finds out that it's real blood and he didn't kill an illusion. This shocks everyone in place. Xanxus orders Squalo to stand up, but Squalo doesn't move, angering Xanxus and making his scars more prominent. Verde comments that Jager is too powerful, which Reborn agrees as he thinks that the situation is bad with Jager's intent to kill.


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