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Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on Vs. Jager, the battle between the Allied Team and Jager. If you are looking for the article on Vs. Jager, the 398th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, then you should head to Vs. Jager.

Vs. Jager

Short Warp

Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Location Park
Chapters 398-401
Allied Team - Tsunayoshi Sawada, Green Mosca, Byakuran, Xanxus, Superbi Squalo, Dino, Kyoya Hibari, Mukuro Rokudo, Chrome Dokuro, Flan, Enma Kozato Jager
Fight Guide
Vs. Big Pino & Small Gia
Vs. Bermuda

Vs. Jager is the third battle that occurred during the fourth day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. The battle happened between the Allied Team members Tsunayoshi Sawada, Green Mosca, Byakuran, Xanxus, Superbi Squalo, Dino, Kyoya Hibari, Mukuro Rokudo, Chrome Dokuro, Flan, Enma Kozato and Team Bermuda's Jager.


The elite members of the Allied Team confront Jager and Bermuda to prevent them from going to assist Big Pino and Small Gia.


Byakuran attacks Jager first with his White Dragon. Jager easily and quickly defeats the dragon and instantly appears behind Xanxus, cutting off his right arm. Squalo attacks Jager, but Jager shatters Squalo's sword before stabbing through his chest. Jager finds out that it's real blood and he didn't kill an illusion. This shocks everyone in place. Xanxus orders Squalo to stand up, but Squalo doesn't move, angering Xanxus and making his scars more prominent. Verde comments that Jager is too powerful, which Reborn agrees as he thinks that the situation is bad with Jager's intent to kill.

Mukuro is wondering how they can stop Jager from short warping to their backs. Shells materialise behind them just as Jager strikes Byakuran. Dino realises that it is a steel cover made by Mukuro using Verde's device. However, Jager calls it a useless trick and stabs Byakuran through his chest, making him bleed profusely. Yuni's group reveals themselves and wonders if Jager can warp part of his body. Byakuran grabs Jager's hand and tells Xanxus that this is his chance. Xanxus shoots but it misses as Jager appears in front of Xanxus and attacks his legs using chains. Xanxus cries out in pain and falls to his knee before collapsing, unconscious.

Reborn says that Jager's strength exceeds his expectations and they will not be able to resist until Tsuna arrives. Verde releases his curse and thus, the power of his flames increase, boosting the power of his weapons. Also, with longer limbs, he can control a wider range of objects. Verde commands Spanner to fire. As the object flies, Verde leaps into it and it is revealed to be a Green Mosca. Verde explains that he used the latest mosca frame built by Spanner and loaded it with his advance weapons to create a super robot. Jager attacks by short warping his hands, causing Green Mosca to malfunction due to the detection of multiple heat sources. The disembodied hands slice through Green Mosca's arms easily and it falls to pieces.

Jager moves on to his next target, Mukuro, and appears behind him. Mukuro attempts to block the assault but his trident breaks and he is injured. Jager prepares to stab Mukuro again but finds his hand binded by Dino. However, by short warping and leaving his hand behind, Jager slashes Dino's torso. Jager's hand escapes the bullwhip and heads for Dino's face but it is deflected by Hibari, who tells Dino that he has repaid his debt. Hibari attacks Jager, who deflects the attack. Reborn wonders why Jager did not make use of his short warp. Hibari and Mukuro reveal that they had noticed too. However, Jager comments that his short warp has no weakness.

Hibari and Mukuro conceal themselves behind the needle spheres created by Hibari. Jager attacks but ends up destroying more of Mukuro’s flame decoys. Hibari finds a chance and attacks with his Vongola Gear once more. However does not work as Jager is able to short warp and reappear behind Hibari. Before Jager's attack can land, he is punched in the face by Tsuna.

Tsuna clashes with Jager and is promptly kicked away. Tsuna notices that Jager did not short warp and the latter is breathing heavily like Small Gia did. Jager attacks again, but was stopped by Chrome, Enma, and Flan. After Jager incapacitates the three of them and once again did not short warp from Hibari's attack, Tsuna realizes that the Vindice rely on Bermuda's Flame of Night to recharge their energy as they cannot produce Flame of Night on their own. Wonomichi promptly appears and forbids Bermuda from recharging Jager or making any contact wth him unless he release his curse. Jager attacks Tsuna again, but Hibari and Mukuro stops him. Jager attacks Mukuro and Hibari at the same time, which give Mukuro an opportunity to hold Jager's movement. Tsuna attacks with X-Burner with the help of the gravity ability from Enma's ring to prevent the attack from hitting Hibari and Mukuro to blast Jager away.


Before Tsuna can finish Jager off, Bermuda releases his curse and discards his robes and bandages, revealing a pale, sickly-looking young man emanating the Flame of Night.


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