Vs. Birds & Bloody Twins

I-Pin's Kick

Arc Kokuyo Arc
Location Kokuyo Land
Episodes 22
Chapters 69 - 70
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Hayato Gokudera
Doctor Shamal
Bloody Twins
Fight Guide
Bianchi vs. M.M.
Versus Fake Mukuro

Vs. Birds & Bloody Twins is a battle fought between Tsuna, Gokudera, Doctor Shamal, and I-Pin against Birds and the Bloody Twins which took place in Kokuyo Land and Namimori.


The old man shows the group live videos of Kyoko and Haru and introduces himself as Birds. Just then, two twin hitmen appears behind Kyoko and Haru and Birds introduces them as the Bloody Twins, two serial killers. Tsuna and Bianchi ask him what his is planning to do with the girls to which Birds replies that he'll do nothing if they follow his orders. Gokudera angrily charges at him but Birds threatens to kill the girls if he attacks him, forcing Gokudera to let go of him.


Birds orders the others to beat up Tsuna until he sees blood, threatening to set the girls' hairs on fire if they refuse. Forced to comply, Tsuna shouts out to Gokudera and Yamamoto to do it but the two refuses. Suddenly, Bianchi attacks Tsuna and sends him flying, saying that it was her original plan to assassinate Tsuna anyway. However, Bianchi didn't really hit Tsuna hard. Birds then orders the group to stab Tsuna with his knife, promising to let the girls go if they comply. Everyone begins to argue, causing Birds to order the Bloody Twins to pour some Sulfuric Acid on the girls. As the twins follows his command, Tsuna tells everyone to stab him, not wanting the girls to face any kind of cruelty. Birds is disappointed about not seeing the girls in pain but thinks that his job is done since a scratch from his poison-coated knife is enough to kill Tsuna. Gokudera and Yamamoto refuse to stab Tsuna but Bianchi tells them that she would do it, saying that she'll immediately call an ambulance. Tsuna refuses her offer, saying that he'll stab himself, thinking that since Gokudera and Yamamoto covered for him it's the least he can do.

As Tsuna is about to stab himself, the twin with Kyoko is attacked by Dr. Shamal. Birds is surprised to see him but tells Tsuna to stab himself or Haru will die. However, Adults Lambo and I-Pin arrive and attack the other twin. Birds is unable to believe what is happening but it's revealed that Reborn predicted that it would happen and orders the others to watch the girls. Reborn kicks Tsuna causing him to accidentally punch Birds and send him flying. An angry Birds orders the Bloody Twins to kill everyone. One of the twins goes and charges at Shamal but Shamal is able to defeat him with one of his virus mosquito. Meanwhile, Lambo takes Haru to safety while I-Pin defeats the other twin. With the twins defeated, Birds tries to escape but Gokudera stops him and defeats him with one kick.


Bianchi notices someone in the bushes and tells them to come out. That someone turns out to be Fuuta. Tsuna tries to approach him but Fuuta tells him to stop, saying that he can't go back anymore and that his following Mukuro. Fuuta then leaves and Tsuna goes after him. Yamamoto and Gokudera try to go after them but finds their path blocked by another assassin.


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