Chapter 343 Cover

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 343
Volume Curse of the Rainbow Arrives!
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Trump Card

Vow is the 343rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna and Enma's rings combine, forming a new Ring, which turned out to be the seventh and last key of Giotto and Cozarto's history. It revealed that once both Vongola and Simon in the future once again return to their true friendship after the conflict, if they prove to honor the oath, their will will become one and both Giotto and Cozarto's Flames within their rings would burn. After witnessing the seventh key, the enraged Daemon attacked again as he angrily shouts that Giotto and Cozarto were only dead people that interfered; however, as he attacks, he finds Tsuna already recovered thanks to Enma's Earth Flame's Gravity manipulation, which he used to mend and hold his bones in place. Tsuna then tells Daemon that both of them are alive within the ring's Flames.

Suddenly, Tsuna manages to overpower Daemon and critically injure him with his X-Burner; however, Tsuna knew that the Flames weren't enough to defeat him. Daemon quickly healed his entire body as he cursed Tsuna, revealing monster mouths and eyes throughout his body. Tsuna stated that the Flames he will use to defeat him wouldn't be Giotto and Cozarto's Flames, but his and Enma's. As they prepare to trade one final blow, Jager and Reborn both comment that that attack would be the end.


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