Vongola Sin
Abilities Upgrading Simon Rings
User Simon Famiglia
Similar Weapons Penalty

The Vongola Sin is a small bottle of blood that the Vongola Boss inherits at every succession to show proof that the Vongola Boss candidate has inherited the title of boss. It was created by the Vongola Primo to leave behind memories of his battles.
It resided in a special box with the Vongola crest that the current Boss was supposed to protect, though its content was emptied after the Simon Famiglia used it.

During the Inheritance Ceremony, the Simon Famiglia managed to steal the Sin. By dripping it onto his ring, Enma was able to go into Hyper Dying Will Mode. It was then revealed that the Sin was the only reason why the Simon went to the Ceremony and also was the blood of the Simon Primo, Cozarto Simon.


  • The box that contains the vial of "Sin" has four pearls at the corners of the lid, similar to the vial holding the "Penalty".
  • The people outside of the Vongola Famiglia can only see it during the Inheritance Ceremony.


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