Vongola Nono & Guardians


Name Vongola Nono & Guardians
Kanji Title ボンゴレノーノと守護者たち
Romaji Title Bongore Nōno to Shugoshatachi
Serving Under Vongola Famiglia

The Vongola Nono & Guardians are the ones that inherited the Vongola Famiglia after Daniela, the Vongola Ottavo, and her Guardians retired. All the members of this generation have an appearance of those beyond their fifties, and it is possible that they are the longest-lasting generation. However, due to the Guardians' old ages, Timoteo, the Vongola Nono, sought out their successors, the Vongola Decimo & Guardians, who are to succeed them sometime in the future.

Vongola Nono & GuardiansEdit


Vongola Nono


Vongola Sky Boss

Role: Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Lightning; he influences, understands, and accepts all of them.

Coyote NougatEdit

9th Storm Guardian

Coyote Nougat

Vongola Storm Guardian

Role: Continuously at the heart of the attack, the furious Storm that never rests.

Schnitten BrabantersEdit

9th Rain Guardian

Schnitten Brabanters

Vongola Rain Guardian

Role: Squaring the accounts and washing away the blood spilled, the Requiem Rain.

Brow Nie Jr.Edit

9th Sun Guardian

Brow Nie Jr.

Vongola Sun Guardian

Role: Destroying the misfortune that attacks the Family with their own body, they become the Sun that brightly shines upon an area.


9th Cloud Guardian


Vongola Cloud Guardian

Role: To be the aloof, drifting Clouds that protect the Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind.

Ganauche IIIEdit

9th Lightning Guardian

Gamauche III

Vongola Lightning Guardian

Role: He must not only take the Lightning, but also the damage of the Family, like a lightning rod.

Bouche CroquantEdit

9th Mist Guardian

Bouche Croquant

Vongola Mist Guardian

Role: Creating something from nothing, and nothing from something; thus bewildering the enemy, to render the Family's true form intangible with deceit.


  • All of the guardians' names are in some way derived from desserts, confectionaries, or candies:
    • Coyote Nougat refers to nougat.
    • Schnitten Brabanters refers to Belgian chocolates and cake.
    • Brow Nie Jr. refers to brownies.
    • Visconti refers to biscotti.
    • Ganauche III refers to ganache.
    •  Croquant Bouche refers to a dessert consisting of Choux pastry balls piled into a cone.

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