Vongola Gear of The Sun

Target 305

Hare no Bongore Gia
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 305
Volume Vongola vs. Simon Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Sasagawa Ryohei vs. Aoba Koyo

Vongola Gear of The Sun is the 305th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Sunshine Counter

Sunshine Counter

The battle between Ryohei and Koyo continues. Koyo continues to charge at Ryohei and, seeing him preparing to punch, gets ready to block it. However, Ryohei reveals a new move, named Sunshine Counter, which causes a part of the ring to explode and Koyo begins to question how much power Ryohei had left. Reborn concludes that the attack is different from Maximum Cannon and Koyo agrees, stating that a flame that strong cannot be mustered so quickly. However, Ryohei revelas that with his Vongola Gear, the more attacks he receives, the more flame he accumulates and that the attack he used, was only thirty percent of its true power.

After this realization, Koyo believes that Ryohei cannot win due to what he had to give up for 30% of his power: a nose and a rib. With this, Ryohei states that he will no longer hold back and charges at Koyo. Koyo attacks Ryohei with leaves but Ryohei manage to dodge it. Koyo tries to punch Ryohei, but he barely manages to dodge all the attacks. Gokudera tells Ryohei to dodge properly but Reborn tells him that Ryohei is doing it on purpose since every time a punch grazes him, his flames charge up. An irritated Koyo continues to attack Ryohei but Ryohei counters him with his Sunshine Uppercut which sends Koyo flying and knocking off his glasses. However, Koyo is able to land on his feet. Ryohei is confident that he will be the victor since he thinks that without his glasses, Koyo is unable to see anything. However, the glasses are pitch dark and Koyo tells Ryohei will regret making him show his real power...


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