Vongola Gear
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Vongola Gear
Title Vongola Gear
User Vongola Decimo & Guardians
Flame Dying Will Flames of the Sky
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 300

The Vongola Gear (ボンゴレギヤ, Bongore Gia) are the new upgraded forms that the Original Vongola Rings have taken after the Simon Famiglia's attack destroyed the Vongola Rings.
After the Vongola Rings were damaged in the Guardians' battle with the Simon Famiglia, Talbot upgraded them using the power of the Vongola Box Rings and Vongola Primo's blood, Penalty. These forms are specific to the Guardians wielding it, as they are meant to suit the fighting style of the respective Guardian.
The Vongola Gear, as mentioned by Talbot, are made exclusively for the Tenth Generation Vongola Guardians. Each of them is emblazoned with a crest decorated with the words "Vongola Famiglia".
The Forms that they have taken, and their respective users are:

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to the Rings being upgraded into Gear, they were ores with a mineral in the shape of their respective Flames.
  • Similar to the Simon Rings, when the gear is released, circles of letters surround the gear and they transform into weapons.
  • If the Guardians did not have enough resolve to change their ores into the Vongola Gear, the "souls" that live inside the Vongola Rings and the Box Weapon Rings would die.

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