Baby Coach Arrives!

Vongola GP Chapter 1 cover

Akachan Kōchi Kuru!
Arc Spin-off
Chapter 01
Volume 1
Chapter Guide
Varia Team Arrives!

Baby Coach Arrives! is the first chapter of spin-off of the manga Katekyō Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano, Vongola GP Kuru! by Takayama Toshinori.


An intense and brutal race is taking place in the Vongola Race track, and, from the corner comes Gokudera who overtakes his opponents and then launches Dynamite at them, successfully destroying them. Gokudera looks back happily and asks "the tenth" to go ahead and take first place, but from the smoke a voice comes out, disapproving of the smoke that built up due to the explosions, and once the smoke clears it becomes clear why, Tsuna's cart too got destroyed due to him losing control because of Gokudera's earlier tactics.
Tsuna's cart had gone out of bounds, and was therefore disqualified. The crowd moans yet another loss, but someone in the crowd smiles, even at the wake of Team Vongola's 999th straight defeat.

Gokudera looks at the crowd and realizes that there weren't many people cheering for Team Vongola, and Tsuna thinks to himself, that with 999 straight defeats, who would cheer for their team. However, looking at the crowd Tsuna sees a familiar face, it was the face of his crush, Kyoko, who looks upset at yet another defeat, and before long, she gets up and leaves. Tsuna then went to Kyoko's flower shop and plans to invite Kyoko but decided not to. When he decided to leave, he bumped into two gangster-looking men. The two guys were about to beat Tsuna because it was his fault that Vongola Town is a laughing stock because of his 999 straight defeats but Gokudera arrived and he took out his dynamite in order to scare the two men, who ran at the sight of the dynamites. Gokudera asked Tsuna if he was fine and he answered yes.Tsuna tells Gokudera to stop calling him "Tenth" but Gokudera refuses because Tsuna is the descendant of the great legendary racer Primo, the mighty king of battle carts.

An infant showed up and introduced himself as the born again greatest coach, Reborn. It turns out the Vongola owner, Mr. Timo, requested Reborn to coach Tsuna. Reborn decided to train Tsuna and Gokudera by driving a big cart and making them run. Reborn reveals that the next race is featuring the number 1 of the Simon Team, Enma. They continue to train until the Race Day. The Event Announcer and commentator is Haru and Reborn. The Race began and Tsuna went to first place then Gokudera eliminated the other contestants, making him second place. Enma overtakes Tsuna and told him, "You're in the way of the fight." Adelheid, catching up with them, states that Enma meant crushing Vongola is not beating Tsuna, but surpassing Primo's record. Adelheid released Iron fans and split the course, making Tsuna unable to get speed. Enma says that there won't be interruptions anymore to beat Primo's record and it would make history make Enma the fastest racer. Adelheid was about to strike Tsuna with an Iron fan so that he would fall from second place but she was intercepted by Gokudera.

Tsuna flashbacks and remembers Reborn giving him a "Dying Will Bullet Ball" that can allow him to enter the "Dying Will". Tsuna eats the Dying Will Bullet Ball enters the Dying Will and he speeds up. Tsuna used "X Boost" to boost him to the goal, beating Enma. Enma tells that he was going to win next time. Tsuna says out loud that he wanted to invite Kyoko when he's not embarrassing, and then he says he wants to win. Kyoko, in the audience seats, heard this and tells Tsuna that he's not embarrassing and she always believed that Tsuna would win. Tsuna screams in his mind that it's because of Reborn for making him win. He puked blood afterwards and fainted due to the after effect of Dying Will Bullet Ball. Reborn says that he might die from now on, much to Tsuna's dismay.

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