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Visconti is the 9th generation Cloud Guardian serving under Vongola Nono of the Vongola Famiglia.

Character OutlineEdit


Visconti is an old man with a stern look and is likely around the age of Timoteo. His outfit consists of the typical suit and tie that many other members of Vongola are seen wearing. He has short, gray hair that appears oiled and swept back, with a strand hanging in his face. His hair runs down, creating sideburns going on to his chin, finally forming a chinstrap. He has a pair of sunglasses and is seen with it both on and off. When not in use, he lets it sit atop his head.

Plot OverviewEdit

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Visconti first appears with the other Ninth's Guardians as Timoteo's plane lands in Japan. Visconti is present at the Inheritance Ceremony, where he helps protect Timoteo from attacks by using Difesa A Circolo along with the Ninth's other Guardians.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Difesa A Circolo: A defensive circle that Visconti and the other five Ninth generation Guardians create with the Flames of their Rings.


  • Like the other 9th Generation Guardians, Visconti's name is a reference to a dessert or some sweet thing. "Visconti" may refer to "Visconte", or European nobility. This is because in olden times, only royalty, nobles, or people with good connections had the money to afford confectionaries such as chocolates. His name may also refer to the similarly pronounced "biscotti", biscuits that may be dipped in chocolate after baking.


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