Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on Viper Mirage R, the illusion that harms the target if they break a certain rule set by the caster. If you are looking for the article on Viper Mirage, the illusion that changes the nearby terrain's appearance, then you should head to Viper Mirage.

Viper Mirage R
Lacerations | Self-Destruction
Viper Mirage R
Title Viper Mirage R
Abilities Inflicting damage when an action is executed
Users Viper
Manga Debut Chapter 372

Viper Mirage R (バイパ ミラージュ R, Baipā Mirajū R) is an attack used by Viper in which he sets up an illusion on the intended target and sets a specific rule in the target's brain, which, if broken, causes the target to be damaged with a wound to be determined by the caster: the two wounds shown so far have been lacerations and self-destruction. This attack appears to be characterized by a particular sound, and attacks the target's brain directly.

However, the technique does not restrict itself to only one opponent, but on all people within a certain area, including the caster himself.

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