Versus Valensa & Toras

Valensa and Toras

Arc Varia Arc (anime)

Daily Life Arc (manga)

Location Sawada Residence
Episodes 39
Chapters 52-53
Takeshi Yamamoto
Hayato Gokudera
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Valensa & Toras
Fight Guide
Mafia Land Alliance vs. Carcassa Famiglia
Kyoya Hibari vs. Mukuro Rokudo

Versus Valensa & Toras is a battle fought by Tsunayoshi Sawada, Hayato Gokudera and Takeshi Yamamoto against Valensa & Toras, Verde's assassins, which took place in the Sawada residence.


Giannini arrives at the Sawada residence to modify the Vongola members' weapons due to recent assassination attempts on Mafia Bosses and successors. He also agrees to modify the Ten Year Bazooka but ends up getting it to malfunction and make Gokudera have an infant body with the present Gokudera's mind. Gokudera is unaware of his condition and sees something that is invisible to Kyoko and Tsuna's eyes.

Seeing that the two assassins are planning to harm Tsuna, child Gokudera pulls out some of his dynamite in order to protect his boss. Valensa and Toras see this but ignore it since they have their camouflage and so they proceed their plot to assassinate Tsuna.


Gokudera then notices that the two assassins have already infiltrated the house and realizes that he turned into a baby when Yamamoto comments on his short legs. He then sees Tsuna about to be injected with poison, so he lights his dynamite and throws it at the assassins. However, he forgot that Giannini modified his dynamite and it explodes in a shower of birds instead of a fire blast.

Gokudera then has an idea and gets Yamamoto to let go of him by asking him to teach him how to catch. He positions himself in the room opposite Yamamoto and the assassin and orders Yamamoto to throw the ball. Yamamoto does so, and the ball smashes into Toras, causing his camouflage to malfunction. Gokudera uses the same method on Valensa and is able to reveal him too. With the assassins' camouflage gone, Reborn and I-Pin arrive and Reborn explains to the group that the assassins are wearing a camouflage made by Verde, the holder of the Lightning Arcobaleno Pacifier. However, kids are able to see through it due to Verde's design. The assassins ignores this fact and pulls out some guns to kill Tsuna. Tsuna asks Reborn for help but Reborn reveals that the Dying Will Bullet is useless since it was modified and is now dancing. As the assassins points their guns at Tsuna, Tsuna begins to get regretful which causes the Dying Will Bullet to zoom at Tsuna's forehead and activate Tsuna's Dying Will Mode. Tsuna then proceeds to kick Toras in the stomach and deal an uppercut to Valensa, defeating both of them.


Reborn tells Valensa and Toras to give his regards to Verde. Gokudera is unable to return to his original body and blames Giannini and Lambo.


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