Versus Gamma

Target 151 Cover

basasu Ganma
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 151
Volume Hibird Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Lying in Wait

Versus Gamma is the 151st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Gamma arrives at the battlefield. Gokudera tells Yamamoto to stay out of his way, to which Yamamoto walks away as a response. Gokudera then states to Gamma that he would be fighting him. Gokudera then uses Flame Arrow, Gamma blocking it with an electro-magnetic shield. Gamma then uses Shot Plasma, seriously wounding Gokudera. As Lal Mirch and Tsuna walk through the streets, Hana Kurokawa waves from a window, motioning for them to come in. At the battle, Gamma attempts to shoot Gokudera with Shot Plasma again, but Gokudera quickly dodges, jumping up, but Yamamoto intercepts the attack and hits Gokudera, sending him flying backwards, saying that he was going to beat Gokudera's rotten temper back into shape. Gokudera then states that a right-hand man was supposed to support the leader; he had pull the Guardians together. Yamamoto states to Gokudera that he wasn't worthy to be a right-hand man. Gamma then shoots Yamamoto with an electric shock, but Gokudera pushes Yamamoto out of the way, taking the blow for himself, stating to him that Tsuna would be upset if he died. Gokudera then declares that he and Yamamoto would work together.


*Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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