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Ver.V.R. Arrives!

Volume 18

Ver.V.R. Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date February 4, 2008
Volume Number 18
Volume Guide
Hibird Arrives!
The Sun After The Mist Arrives!

Ver.V.R. Arrives! (Ver.V.R.来る!, Ver.V.R. Kuru!) is the 18th volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga by Akira Amano.



Hibari easily defeats Gamma and takes Gokudera and Yamamoto to the hideout in order for them to recuperate. Later, the adult Fuuta and Bianchi arrives at the hideout. While Tsuna trains with Lal Mirch, Hibari interrupts, wanting to test Tsuna. Hibari traps Tsuna within a sphere of cloud flames, where Tsuna starts being questioned by the Vongola bosses about their past's sins. After Tsuna refuses to inherit those sins, the first Vongola improves his X-Gloves abilities, allowing him to destroy the sphere. Tsuna then faces Hibari, but since the former is unable to control the new flames, he is defeated. While training her younger brother, Gokudera, Bianchi explains to him how the boxes were created, though Hibari is suspicious of the reasons of why they were made. Meanwhile, a young Chrome finds herself lost in the future, and is attacked by a Millefiore hitman named Glo Xinia. Before being knocked out, she is awakened by the future Mukuro who was possessing Glo's owl.

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