Varia Team Arrives!

Vongola GP Vol 2 Cover

Chīmu Variā Kuru!
Volume Info
Volume Number 2
Volume Guide
Baby Coach Arrives!

Varia Team Arrives! is the 2nd Volume of Vongola GP Kuru! manga by Takayama Toshinori.

List of ChaptersEdit

  • Kokuyo GP Arrives! (Part I) (コクヨウGP来る (前編)!Kokuyo Guranpuri Kuru! (Zenhen))
  • Kokuyo GP Arrives! (Part II) (コクヨウGP来る (後編) !Kokuyo Guranpuri Kuru! (Kōhen))
  • Varia Team Arrives! (Part I) (チームヴァリアー来る! (前編) Chīmu Variā Kuru! (Zenhen))
  • Varia Team Arrives! (Part II) (チームヴァリアー来る! (後編) Chīmu Variā Kuru! (Kōhen))

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