Varia Rings
Old | New
Squalo's Ring
Weapon Rings
Creator Talbot (New)
User Varia
Flame Multiple
Anime Debut Episode 137

The Varia Rings are A-Rank rings held only by the executive members of the Vongola's independent assassination squad, Varia. These rings are prepared for every attribute of the executive staff, all manufactured from the most valuable assets of the Vongola Famiglia. They are "Fragments of the Rainbow" that were left behind by the Vongola Secondo and there are less than 10 of them in the world. The design was newly created after Xanxus became the boss, but Varia's jewel designer, Totem Ross, was rejected by Lussuria 100 times before finalizing a design. This was because Lussuria didn't like the manly "whoa" he would say when he tried on the ring.

Before the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, Mammon spent his entire fortune to get Talbot to make the Varia new Varia Rings. These new rings were also combined with box animals, allowing them to be summoned from the ring. The animals have also been upgraded to allow them to perform cambio forma, as seen with Bester.


  • Although the Varia have never shown a Cloud Guardian, 7 new Varia Rings were made by Talbot.
  • In volume 38 extra, according to Lussuria, even though the price is never stated, the new Varia Rings are expensive enough to buy an island.