Valentine's Day

Target 36

Barentain dē
Arc Daily Life Arc
Chapter 36
Volume The Zoo
Chapter Guide
Fuuta, Once Again
Snow Fight Kickoff

Valentine's Day is the 36th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


It's Valentine's Day and all the girls are giving the guys they like some chocolates. Tsuna watches Yamamoto happily accepting the gifts and Gokudera trying to avoid the girls. Tsuna wishes to have some of Kyoko's chocolates. He watches as Kyoko leaves, wanting to know if she is going to give him some chocolate later or give it to someone else. Reborn then arrives behind him and shoots Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet in order for him to ask Kyoko directly. He follows Kyoko and ends up in front of a house where he is welcomed by his mother, Fuuta, Lambo and I-Pin.

Tsuna realizes that he is in front of his house and sees that Kyoko and Haru are also there to make some valentine's chocolate. Tsuna is overjoyed and thinks that he is going to get some chocolates but is stunned by the fact that Bianchi is going to help make the chocolate with the girls, meaning that the chocolate will be one of her Poison Cooking.

Reborn arrives and tells Tsuna that he shot him with the Dying Will Bullet in order to protect them from Poison Chocolates while a worried Fuuta notes that Bianchi's Poison Cooking is ranked as the third out of 128 in terms of most poisonous killing ranking. Later, the group tries to think of a plan to lure Bianchi out of the kitchen in order to get the girls make normal chocolate. When Tsuna mentions that the plan might be possible if they know her interests, Fuuta suggest that they look it up with his ranking abilities. However, Fuuta needs to look at Bianchi directly in order to rank, forcing Tsuna to accompany him as they peek the kitchen. Their plan fails when Fuuta's ranking abilities caused the ingredients in the kitchen to float, causing Bianchi to beat him up.

As Tsuna, Fuuta and Reborn try to devise another plan, the adult Lambo arrives and Tsuna and Fuuta is surprised to see him bleeding. Adult Lambo explains that his nose is bleeding due to him eating all the chocolates that he received. As the three tries to tend to Lambo's wound, Bianchi arrives and tries to ask Reborn's opinion on the flavor. However, she sees Lambo and mistakes him as Romeo and is about to kill him when Tsuna is shot by the Dying Will Bullet and saves him. Tsuna then runs off carrying Lambo while Bianchi chases after them. When the effects of the bullet wears off, Lambo returns to his young self and Tsuna hides with him. However, Reborn arrives and tells them that the girls finished making the chocolates.

Back at the house, Kyoko and Haru serves them the chocolates that they made. However, they made chocolate fondue where crackers are supposed to be dipped into. However, the crackers were made by Bianchi, making it a memorable Valentine's Day...


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