Title Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola
Name Uri
Animal Cat
Users Gokudera
Cambio Forma G's Archery
Power B
Intelligence C
Speed B+
Stamina B
Size 30cm~50cm
Personality Her Own Way
  • Assists in Aiming
  • Scratching
  • Biting
  • Purring
Manga Debut Chapter 240
Anime Debut Episode 96

Gokudera's exclusive Box Weapon was created by remodeling a Storm-attribute Storm Cat. It is imbued with Vongola's latest technology. A part of the Sistema C.A.I., through Cambio Forma it changes into a weapon similar to the archery-style weapon employed by the First Storm Guardian. The red arrow it releases boasts astonishing destructive power through its Storm Flames.

Uri has a mischievous nature and is constantly antagonizing Gokudera every chance it gets. After it was upgraded into a Vongola Box, the most distinct changes were an increase in size and the addition of a crest in its forehead and Storm Flames on its paws.


G's Archery

G's Archery

  • Taienrankuga (Solarstorm Fang) - A combined attack with Kangaryuu and Alfin. Kangaryuu shoots Uri with a Sun Bullet to increase its size and strength, while Alfin combines its Rain Flames with Uri's Storm Flames for greater destructive power.
  • Cambio Forma: G's Archery: By Cambio Forma, Uri combines with the Flame Arrow to create an ornamented, bone-like bow with Storm Flames covering the drawstring and a gauntlet with the Roman Numeral "I" in the middle. It can increase the user's normal Storm Flames. Uri remains sentient in this form and is able to assist Gokudera with his aiming.


  • Uri's name means "melon" in Japanese.
  • Uri is the only Box Weapon shown to consume both Dying Will Flames and food.
  • Uri seems to dislike the Storm Mink of the Varia in the same manner that Gokudera dislikes Belphegor.
  • Uri took an instant liking to G., much to Gokudera's anger.
  • Uri once attacked Natsu for being frightened in camp before the Future Arc final; he also scratched Tsuna's face in haste to get out of the hospital room Gokudera and Yamamoto were at.


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