Uno is a member of Levi's Varia Lightning Strike Squad.

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Uno wears an all-black Varia leather outfit and a black surgeon's mask. He has spiky black hair like his partners, Due and Tre. He is very agile as shown in his ability to leap tall buildings and land unharmed.

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It appears that he has no qualms about killing small children when ordered, as shown when he shot a bolt of lightning at Lambo.

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Uno is part of Levi's Lightning Strike Squad and accompanied him and Viper to Namimori in order to find and defeat the other Lightning Half Vongola Ring holder. After Viper used his Thoughtography to find the general area, he set out with Due, Tre and Levi to find the holder. He was the first to come upon Lambo, I-Pin, and Fuuta, and on Levi's orders, engaged them. When he blocked their path, he swung his Electric Rod and hit Lambo with a bolt of electricity, causing I-Pin to begin fighting him. The battle is skipped over, but he was revealed to be the victor when Fuuta is running away carrying an unconscious I-Pin. Before he could strike another blow, he was knocked out by a punch from Ryohei.

Uno briefly appeared in Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous when Lussuria took over the show and interviewed Levi. Alongside Due and Tre, Uno accompanies Levi as the latter follows Xanxus around.

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