Ultimate Dying Will Mode


Users Tsunayoshi Sawada
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 403
Anime Debut None

Ultimate Dying Will Mode is an ascension form of the Hyper Dying Will Mode. This form is achieved by shooting a Dying Will Bullet while in the form of Hyper Dying Will Mode. Normally, the Dying Will Bullet would cause the user to lose his mental inhibitions and only concentrate on what his dying will is; however, in this mode, he keeps his mental state and becomes engulfed in flames. This is the final stage of any Dying Will Mode.


Ultimate Dying Will Mode

Initial transformation

The look of Ultimate Dying Will Mode is a mix of Hyper Dying Will Mode and Dying Will Mode. The flame remains on the forehead; however, unlike Dying Will Mode, this mode allows the user to keep his clothes and conscience. Unlike Hyper Dying Will, the user has no need for extra weaponry and fights with the flames. Differentiating from the other two forms, Ultimate allows the user to be engulfed in a flame without regrets.

Abilities and Techniques:Edit

Ultimate Vongola Intuition: This form of Vongola Intuition is an enhanced version. Like regular Vongola Intuition, ones with Vongola blood are able to see opponents move but with quicker reaction times, allowing the user to take in his surroundings more. With this, the user is able to dodge short warps and strike at the opportune moment.


  • This form of Dying Will can be applied to any flame type. When Bermuda first wanted revenge on Checker Face, he recalls that he was without hesitation and, when the flames engulfed him, he created the Eighth Flame out of despair. Contrasting to Bermuda, Tsuna was shot with an extra Dying Will Bullet and came into the mode. Both users were without hesitation; however, Tsuna's will and flame came from hope.

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