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Twin Princes

138 Cover

Futako no Ōji
Air Date June 20, 2009
Arc Future Arc
Episode 138
Opening Song Easy Go
Ending Song Smile For...
Episode Guide
Main Battle in Italy
Furious Roar

Twin Princes (双子の王子) is the 138th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Rasiel is revealed to be one of the Six Funeral Wreaths. Bel, Flan, Olgert, and Rasiel release their Box Weapons for battle. Sil's box weapon is revealed to be Storm Bats with the ability to fire invisible sonar waves enchanted with storm flames; the storm flames when in contact with something cause an explosion. Bel and Flan are defeated. Olgert sends his Rain Elephant and destroys the castle the Varia invaded. In the remains of the castle, an unharmed Xanxus is seen sitting on his throne and drinking wine.



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