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Title CEDEF member
Gender Male
Age 28
Status Alive
Date of Birth November 2
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Blood Type B
Height 186 cm (6'1")
Seiyu Hari Kaneko
Manga Debut Chapter 112
Anime Debut Episode 50

Character OutlineEdit

Turmeric is a member of CEDEF and a subordinate of Iemitsu Sawada. He has short, brown hair and narrowed eyes. He is always seen wearing a suit.

Plot OverviewEdit

Varia ArcEdit

He fought alongside Oregano and Lal Mirch when CEDEF invaded Vongola HQ so Iemitsu could talk to and, if necessary, rescue the Ninth. He read the censored Mosca plans and knew that the Italian military sold some of their weapon plans to the Mafia, and discovered that they have sent one to the Varia. After they met back up with Iemitsu, the fake Vongola IX gave them enough information to realize that the real Vongola IX was in fact inside the Gola Mosca that was sent to the Varia, as Moscas feed on strong Dying Will Flames. Unfortunately, they were too late to stop the Cloud Ring Battle.

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

He, along with other CEDEF members, became Colonello's representative for the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. He was later seen in Japan being introduced to Nana as one of Iemitsu's "fellow workers." When Byakuran arrives, he is suddenly surprised and hostile, but is calmed down by Iemitsu. He is later eliminated on the first day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow by Team Verde.


  • Like the rest of CEDEF, Turmeric is named after an herb. Turmeric is named after a plant in the Ginger family.


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