Tsuna (Vongola GP Kuru!)
Romaji Name Tsuna
  • No-Good Tsuna
  • Tenth
  • Disgrace of Vongola
  • Vongola Ace
Gender Male
Status Alive
Team Vongola
Manga Debut Baby Coach Arrives!

Tsuna is the main protagonist from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! spin-off manga, Vongola GP Kuru!

Character OutlineEdit

Tsuna is a racer of Team Vongola from Vongola Town and the descendant and tenth successor of the legenderay Cart Race, Primo. However, he's not good at the sport himself and has lost 999 times straight, making him known as the disgrace of Vongola.


Tsuna is not much different from his original counterpart, he has a wimpy attitude, bad luck, and lack of confidence, something which he freely admits. He is quick to give up before even trying and a bit pessimistic. Tsuna is generally depicted as comically horrified by the outrageous actions of those around him, generally causing him to become nearly hysterical, especially by Reborn's training methods. However, unlike his original counterpart, he improves faster and is quicker to make decisions for the sake of his friends.

Plot OverviewEdit

Meeting Reborn Edit

At Vongola racing track, Tsuna and Gokudera are in the middle of racing. However, they lost when Gokudera threw bombs to other racers so that Tsuna able to pass through them, only for Tsuna to get caught in the smoke as well and got out o bond, disqualfying him. This made Team Vongola lost for the 999th time. Gokudera looks at the crowd and realizes that there weren't many people cheering for Team Vongola, and Tsuna thinks to himself, that with 999 straight defeats, it'not weird that no one would cheer for them again. However, looking at the crowd Tsuna sees his crush, Kyoko, who looks upset at yet another defeat, and before long, she gets up and leaves. Tsuna then went to Kyoko's flower shop and plans to invite Kyoko but decided not to as he doesn't want to disappoint her if he lose again. When he decided to leave, he bumped into two gangster-looking men who were about to beat Tsuna because it was his fault that Vongola Town is a laughing stock due to his 999 straight defeats, but Gokudera arrived and he took out his dynamite in order to scare the two men, who ran at the sight of the dynamites. Tsuna tells Gokudera to stop calling him "Tenth" as he thinks he is not suited for the title. Gokudera refuses because Tsuna is the descendant of the great legendary racer Primo, the mighty king of battle carts and believes he would succeed him. At this time, an infant showed up and introduced himself as the born again greatest coach, Reborn. It turns out the Vongola owner, Mr. Timo, requested Reborn to coach Tsuna to become a great racer like his predecessor. Ignoring Tsuna's protest, Reborn started to train Tsuna and Gokudera by driving a big cart and making them run. Reborn reveals that the next race is featuring the number 1 of the Simon Team, Enma, who is known as the greatest racer presently. Tsuna claimed that if he cannot win, he don't want to race anymore. Again, Rebon ignored him and continue to make him run with Gokudera. They continue to train until the day of the next race.

At the day of the race, while Tsuna and Gokudera are discussing, they are visited by Enma and Adelheid who declares that they will beat Vongola, much to Tsuna's surprise and bewilderment. The Event Announcer and commentator is Haru and Reborn. The Race began and Tsuna's able to get to the first place then Gokudera eliminated the other contestants, making him second place. Enma, however, overtakes Tsuna quickly and in the first place. Adelheid, catching up with them, states that what Enma meant by crushing Vongola is not beating Tsuna, but surpassing Primo's record to be the fastest racer in history. Adelheid released Iron fans and split the course, making Tsuna unable to get speed. Adelheid was about to strike Tsuna with an Iron fan so that he would fall from second place but she was intercepted by Gokudera. Tsuna flashbacks and remembers Reborn giving him a "Dying Will Bullet Ball" that can allow him to enter the "Dying Will" that able to increase his carting skill. Not wanting to experience another loss or disappointing his friends, Tsuna eats the Dying Will Ball enters the Dying Will and he speeds up. Tsuna used "X Boost" to boost him to the goal, beating Enma. Gokudera rejoice at their first win. Tsuna says out loud that he wanted to invite Kyoko next time when he's not embarrassing, and then he says he wants to win. Kyoko, in the audience seats, heard him and tells Tsuna that he's not embarrassing and she always believed that Tsuna would win. Tsuna says in his mind that it's because of Reborn for making him win. His happy moment was cut off though, he puked blood and fell due to the after effect of the Dying Will Bullet Ball.

Yamamoto's RecruitmentEdit

After his surprising first victory, Tsuna was cheerfully welcomed by the residents of Vongola Town and immediately known as the ace of Vongola. With this news, he is visited by a swordsman named Yamamoto who became interested in carting and would like to give it a try under a reason of "dojo yaburi". Much to Tsuna's and the other's surprise, Yamamoto immediately get used on riding cart and even got in the first place before Tsuna. When they reached the tunnel that lead to the finish line, Yamamoto draw his sword towards Tsuna and revealed that he made a bet with his father that if he able to beat Tsuna, he could continue swordsmanship, but if he lost, then he must quit. However, Tsuna entered Hyper Dying Will Mode and able to defeat Yamamoto with Tornado X Boost. Seeing Yamamoto's talent and his desire to continue swordsmanship, Tsuna invited Yamamoto into Team Vongola since that way, he could use his sword skill as part of the race, therefore, not breaking his promise with his father.

Vs. HibariEdit

Tsuna's rank went down to the third rank after he lost at a regular match, with Yamamoto at the second place and Enma at the top place. To increase Tsuna's skill at racing, Reborn took Tsuna into street for a "special training." At the street, Tsuna noticed that there's only one person in each car throughout the street they were passing. At this time, the head police officer and the strongest driver of Vongola Town, Hibari, chase after them since they broke the rule of one person only capacity within his premise and thus, must be bitten to death. Tsuna realized that the special training that Reborn meant was having a race match with Hibari or else he would be arrested. Tsuna immediately became Hibari's continuous target, barely dodging all of his attack. Right before reaching the finish line, Hibari unleashed his last attack. Tsuna quickly turned his cart towards Hibari in the last seconds and countered the attack with X Bark Boost, defeating him.

Irregulars RaceEdit

Tsuna was challenged by Kyoko's older brother and bike racer, Ryohei, and a young tank racer, Lambo, who introduced themselves as Team Irregulars. Ryohei thought that Tsuna is a bad guy who trick Kyoko into marrying him and thus, challenging him to see is he worthy to become his brother-in-law or not. However, the tournament turn into a big mess when Lambo used his Ten Year Bazooka, changing himself into adult and blindly launched his missiles throughout the trek and audience tribunes to win the tournament. Realizing that the entire audience's life are endangered by Lambo's rampage, Tsuna swallowed Dying Will Ball and merged his cart with Ryohei's bike, getting the race's trophy before Lambo did, winning the race. After cleared up all the misunderstanding, Tsuna invited him into joining the Vongola despite the fact that Ryohei is not a cart racer, which Ryohei accepted. Their moments, however, was cut short when Haru held Vongola responsible for paying the damage that caused by Lambo since now he is also part of Vongola, much to Tsuna's dismay.

Kokuyo Trio AssaultEdit

Team Vongola was included as one of the teams that included into Grandprix, much to Tsuna's and everyone's joy. However, when Gokudera arrived after retrieving something important for Tsuna, they found Gokudera beaten up by three mysterious people, Ken, Chikusa, and Chrome who had stolen the item that Gokudera said important for Tsuna and waiting them at abandoned warehouse where they will have a cart match. Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Reborn went to the warehouse where they have a cart battle with the winner is the one who able to destroy all the battle carts. Tsuna and Gokudera easily won the match, but the three escaped before they could be taken to the police, not knowing that the three merely gathering their data for Mukuro. Afterwards, Tsuna asked what is the important item that Gokudera has retrieved for him. Gokudera proudly revealed that it was none other but a golden statue of Tsuna holding trophy while still bleeding due to the effect of Hyper Dying Will Mode. This left Tsuna dumbfounded as he thought that he couldn't believe that he just risked his life to retrieve the humiliating statue, quickly realizing that it was all Reborn's doing.

Kokuyo GrandprixEdit

Tsuna and his team arrived in excitement at Kokuyo Town for the Grandprix. The next day at the day of the race, Tsuna was left behind when the race start. But then, he realized there's another racer who is also left behind even farther from him, Mukuro who casually writing his note. However, Mukuro suddenly start his cart, surpassing other bikers with incredible speed and force, including Tsuna. With Gokudera's cart broken by Ken and Chikusa and Yamamoto was occupied by them, Tsuna use the last and most powerful Dying Will Ball with a bigger risk of death, saving Yamamoto from Ken and Chikusa and reached Mukuro. Realizing that Tsuna's newfound Dying Will is not in the data, Mukuro unlashed his cart's true form and nearly blasted Tsuna off the cliff. Tsuna at first, found it difficult to beat Mukuro due to his cart ability to copy the other carts' abilities. As they reached the tunnel with the bend on Tsuna's side, Mukuro used his cart's power to change the direction of the bend to his side, making Tsuna difficult to break. Remembering his race with Yamamoto, Tsuna charged forward to the wall and use Tornado X Boost to pass Mukuro to the finish line, winning the race.


  • A running gag in the manga, Tsuna always end up puking out blood due the after effect of swallowing Dying Will Ball.
  • Unlike his original counterpart, when in Hyper Dying Will Mode, Tsuna still refers to his friends with suffixes.

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