Tsuna's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear

Tsuna's Cambio Forma V.V.G

Title Tsuna's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear
Users Tsuna
Similar Techniques Mitena di Vongola Primo
Manga Debut Chapter 331

Rather than a gauntlet in its previous form, the Cambio Forma has now become a pair of arm thrusters attached to Tsuna's X-Gloves V.V.G with extra X emblems and flame designs. Through Cambio Forma Version X, Natsu now merges directly with Tsuna. The Vongola Gear powers up the combustion of the Flames, making them capable of emitting Flames powerful enough for Tsuna to escape a black hole's magnetism or even destroy one. The arm thrusters can release the Soft Flames, allowing Tsuna to balance enough for him to fire Hard Flames from both of his gloves. The X-Headphones and Contact Lenses were updated by Spanner and they now have the program for Operation XX, allowing Tsuna to use the XX-Burner.


  • XX-Burner: A vastly more powerful version of Tsuna's X-Burner used by firing soft Flames from his arm thrusters and firing the hard Flame from both of his gloves. The Flame output is shaped like Natsu. Tsuna can use the Sky Flame's harmony ability to fire a slightly less powerful blast or use the Sky Flame's destructive ability to reach the blast's full power.
  • X-Cannon: An attack where Tsuna fires two jets of Flame from one of his gloves while using his Cambio Forma's arm thrusters for support.

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