Trump Card

Chapter 344 Cover

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 344
Volume Curse of the Rainbow Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Eternal Elena

Trump Card is the 344th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Daemon declares that he would use his trump card that he had saved for Tsuna. Tsuna comments that Daemon is pitiful because running away was his specialty and that he was going to use his Flame to escape. Daemon says that his Flame surpasses even the power of the Sky Flame and the Earth Flame and says that his Flame is the Eighth Element. One of the Vindice tells Daemon that he will not forgive Daemon for saying anything else about the Eight Element. Daemon says that he has no shame at all in running away. He says because of that choice, he can watch the Vongola by switching vessels and not have a meaningless death, and he concludes by telling them that he has thrown away his physical body. Daemon opens the portal and gets ready to escape, but Tsuna prevents him from doing so with his Gravity Manipulation power. Tsuna charges up his Oath Flame but changes his mind about killing Daemon, saying that it won't bring back things that had been lost already. Tsuna tells Daemon to turn himself in and atone for his crimes.

However, Daemon manages to break free from Tsuna's power by taking the energy from his portal. As they prepare for the final clash, Tsuna's Oath Flame and Daemon's Eighth Element reach tremendous sizes. Tsuna and Daemon, covered in their respective Flames, charge at each other. In their clash, however, Daemon leaves Mukuro's body and opens the portal to escape while Tsuna is concentrating on making contact with him. However, one of the Vindice closes the portal, saying that only those with a physical body could enter the portal, much to Daemon's dismay. With Daemon defenseless and cornered, Tsuna uses his Oath Flame charged X-Cannon, killing Daemon's soul in the process. As Daemon's soul crumbles, a pocketwatch comes out of his fading body. Tsuna picks up the pocketwatch and opened it, revealing a picture of the First Generation Vongola boss and Guardians as well as a young woman standing beside Daemon.


*Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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