Tri-ni-set Sky Barrier

Three Barriers

Title Tri-ni-set Sky Barrier
Manga Debut Chapter 276
Anime Debut Episode 201

The Tri-ni-set Sky Barrier is an extremely powerful barrier made of Sky Flames created when all three Sky Elements from the Tri-ni-set resonate with each other. The barrier is created when at least two Tri-ni-set elements release an incredibly high output of Flames; the resulting strain put on the elements at this point makes the three elements, the Vongola Ring, Mare Ring and the Arcobaleno Pacifier, start resonating with each other, even if one of the elements is some distance away. If the person carrying one of the elements is some distance away, the barrier is formed around them anyway, and then the barrier begins to float towards the place where the other two elements are.
The first sign that the barrier has been activated is a loud gonging sound. It is followed up by the barrier being formed around each holder of the Tri-ni-Set Sky Element; these individual barriers eventually merge, creating an extremely powerful and almost impenetrable barrier. However, when two Sky Flames attack the barrier with a higher amount of Flames than the amount of Flames used to create the barrier, the barrier is destroyed.


  • Even if one of the elements is protected by a Mammon Cover, or anything similar, the resonating of the three elements will force the protecting cover to be destroyed and continue the summoning of the three elements.

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