H gets Armband

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 324
Volume Awakening Arrives!
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Treachery is the 324th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Hibari emerges victorious in his battle against Adelheid, causing Tsuna to reflect on what he couldn't give up. Meanwhile, the Vindice arrive to retrieve Adelheid as well as to present the fourth "key". Revealing that during the war between the Vongola and a rival Family, the Simon Famiglia was stranded and surrounded by enemy forces. Hearing this, Giotto decided to aid Cozarto in their fight, but was halted by Daemon Spade, who claimed it would lower the morale in their troops should their leader leave, and promised to save Cozarto's Famiglia himself. Thus concluding the contents of the fourth "key".

Hibari then notices Julie and Chrome hiding nearby. Drawing them out, Adelheid proceeds to ask Julie if he would take care of Enma, prompting Julie to reveal his true identity as Daemon Spade. While Tsuna and the others refuse to believe Daemon would exist in their time period, Daemon remarks that he will continue to exist as long as some men like Tsuna is born, revealing that all he has done in the past and present was all for the sake of the Vongola, which he claimed needed a leader to surpass Giotto.

Daemon then says he believes greed and power eventually lead to absolute justice, and with Giotto's personality it would've been impossible, forcing him to take matters into his own hands. Tsuna then accuses Daemon for setting the Simon Famiglia up, to which he responds that Cozarto's Famiglia was becoming powerful and were inspiring ideas and feelings of weakness inside the Primo, hence their "glorious" fate. He then turns to Adelheid, saying she has done well. Adelheid is reminded of her past and relationship with the real Julie Katou and demands to know where Julie is, as she blames herself for everything that has happened. Daemon simply brushes her reaction off, saying they are children after all. At this moment, Kaoru Mizuno bursts into the battlefield and impales Daemon with his arm blade, claiming that he would never forgive Daemon for what he has done.


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