Title Varia Lightning Strike Squad Member
Gender Male
Age Early-Mid 20s
Status Alive
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Team Varia Lightning Strike Squad
Weapons Electric Rod
Manga Debut Chapter 90
Anime Debut Episode 40

Character OutlineEdit

Tre has silver hair and wears an all-black Varia leather outfit. He, as do Uno and Due, wears a black surgeon's mask. He and the other two known members of the Lightning Strike Squad are shown to be very skilled at jumping to and from rooftops.

Plot Overview Edit

Varia ArcEdit

After both Uno and Due were taken out by Ryohei and Yamamoto respectively, Tre attempted to kill Lambo from afar with a charged bolt of electricity; however, before he could fire, he was blown up and knocked unconscious by one of Gokudera's dynamite sticks.

Tre briefly appeared in Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous when Lussuria took over the show and interviewed Levi. The Lightning Strike Squad are seen silently observing as Levi stalks Xanxus.


  • His name, "Tre," means "three" in Italian.


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