Transfer Students

Cover 284

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 284
Volume Transfer Students Arrive!
Chapter Guide
Simon Middle School

Transfer Students is the 284th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Reborn forces Tsuna to deliver the text book that Enma forgot. Meanwhile, Yamamoto happily welcomes another transfer student named Kaoru Mizuno into the club, despite his teammates' disapproval. Elsewhere, Ryohei is taking extra lessons with another transfer student named Koyo Aoba, a boxing enthusiast. The two bicker over childish things, causing the other students to think of them as kindergartens. Reborn watches from outside the window and notices that there are seven transfer students and seven guardians who seems to share the same interest. Reborn decides to investigate.

Elsewhere, a transfer student, named Julie Katou, walks out of a store and sees Chrome. Meanwhile, Hibari and Adelheid are talking about the liquidation committee replacing the disciplinary committee. When Hibari asks if they have gained the approval of the other committee heads, Adelheid shows him that she got them by force, and Hibari smiles.

Tsuna finally meets with Enma. As Tsuna gives him back his textbook, Enma slips and drags Tsuna with him and the two fall to the river. Tsuna brings Enma to his home where they are happily welcomed by Nana. Enma warns Tsuna about hanging around him, afraid that he would be bullied too. But Tsuna sees the old him in Enma and tries to cheer him up by saying that he's hopeless too and Enma laughs.

Meanwhile, in an attic, Reborn finally finds something about Simon...


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