Ticket chapter cover

Arc Choice Arc
Chapter 240
Volume Choice Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Day of the Showdown
Choice Begins

Ticket is the 240th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


The group arrives at Namimori Shrine and Tsuna realizes that Hibari and Yamamoto are still missing which causes everyone to worry and think that their trainings wasn't successful. However, Basil tries to be optimistic while Spanner notices some Dying Will Flames approaching them fast. Suddenly, a storm cloud forms over Namimori from which Byakuran communicates with Tsuna and the others. He reveals that the cloud is the Flame Ring Teleportation System and also that Namimori is not their battlefield. He continues to explain that the apparatus requires five million FV and that it would serve as a test to see if they are worthy of participating in his game. He continues to explain that if they fail to supply the necessary energy, he would destroy the town.

Just then, Hibari and Yamamoto arrive and everyone begins to activate their Box Weapons. With everyone's efforts, the group is able to activate the apparatus causing Shoichi to think that it was a good idea to involve the younger tenth generation Vongola Famiglia in this battle...


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