Three Criminal Brothers


Name Three Criminal Brothers
Kanji Title 三刑事ブラザーズ
Romaji Title San Keiji Burazāzu
Current Boss Ichiro

The Three Criminal Brothers are three brothers that specialize in crime, mainly stealing from people. Although they are mostly successful, when trying to steal from Nana Sawada, Tsuna's mother, their attempts are foiled by Tsuna and some of his friends. The members are:



Ichiro 1


Ichiro is the oldest and the boss of the Three Criminal Brothers. Known as "Ichiro the Swindler," he is very good and bluffing and lying over various objects which he sells to get money. Overall, he is skilled at acting and knows a lot of techniques that persuade people to try his products. However, his stealing plot against Nana was foiled by consuming Bianchi's poison cooking as well as Lambo and I-Pin's playing, Ichiro later on fainting because of Future Lambo's "partying."




Jiro is the second-oldest of the Three Criminal Brothers. Known as "Jiro the Extortionist." He specializes in extorting, and he himself claims that he is hated by the whole world for his actions. During his attempted thieving of Nana, he attempted to blackmail her into paying for his broken vase; however, his attempt was foiled by Lambo, who wanted soft-serve ice cream. Lambo, while looking through his afro for candy, pulled the pin out of a hand grenade and threw it away, landing in Jiro's vase and detonating, sending Jiro flying into the sky.




Saburo is the youngest of the Three Criminal Brothers. Known as "Saburo the Pickpocket," he specializes in sleight-of-hand pickpocketing, being able to move his hands very quickly to take an object from his target's body or bag, a stealing skill that both his brothers admire. However, when he attempted to rob Nana again, the python that Bianchi bought lashed out at him, I-Pin later on mistakenly seeing him as a wooden man-doll, beating him up and sending him flying into the sky, much to Nana and Kyoko's amusement, thinking it was a street show.

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