The Whereabouts of the Ring of the Sun

Target 96

Hare no Ringu no Yukue
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 96
Volume Before the Showdown
Chapter Guide
Ryohei's Right
Lambo vs. Leviathan

The Whereabouts of the Ring of the Sun is the 96th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Ryohei has defeated Lussuria with his fully charged Maximum Cannon. Colonello promptly leads Kyoko and Hana home. Ryohei asks Lussuria for the other half of the Sun Vongola Half Ring, but Lussuria insists that he can still fight. Suddenly, Gola Mosca shoots Lussuria for losing the battle since the Varia believe in erasing the weak. The Cervello proclaim Ryohei the winner of the Sun Ring Battle. They also announce that the next match will be the Lightning Ring Battle. Kyoko comes back to Namimori Middle and asks Tsuna what's really going on. Tsuna's Guardians manage to convince her that they're all participating in sumo wrestling matches. Ryohei joins the two halves of his Ring and makes the Sun Vongola Ring. As Reborn and Tsuna walk home, Reborn describes Lambo's opponent, Leviathan. At the Sawada residence, Tsuna takes a bath and promptly runs into Future Lambo. Tsuna has the idea to make Future Lambo fight in child Lambo's place, but Future Lambo says that he may have come from a parallel world, as he had no memory of the Lightning Ring Battle. Future Lambo tells Tsuna to prevent child Lambo from using the Ten-Year Bazooka and hands Tsuna his set of Horns. The next day, Tsuna is having trouble focusing on his training with Basil, so Reborn decides to postpone the third step of training. That night, Tsuna and his Guardians are led to the stage of the Lightning Ring Battle: the Elettrico Circuit.


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