The Threat Team

Chapter 363

Kyōi no Chīmu
Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 363
Volume Curse Release Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Cure for the Curse
The Second Day

The Threat Team is the 363rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Reborn, Tsuna, Dino, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei gather around a table in Namimori Diner to discuss the results of day one of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Ryohei goes first and recounts how he went up against Hibari and lost. Yamamoto takes over and speaks of how they joined forces to fight Hibari. Yamamoto summoned Kojirou, Gokudera activated his Cambio Forma, and Hibari brought out Roll. With help from Gokudera's Vongola Gear dynamite, Zero Ignite, and Kojirou's Rain Flames' Tranquility characteristic, the two of them managed to escape from Hibari.

Gokudera, who was listening sullenly, lashes out at Dino for not convincing Hibari to join Reborn's team. Dino apologizes and Reborn asks Tsuna for his account. Tsuna sadly recounts how his dad beat him with one punch, but didn't destroy his boss watch. Reborn explains that he made a deal with Iemitsu- if Iemitsu didn't destroy Tsuna's watch, they would make an alliance with Colonnello's team. Suddenly, all of the boss, representative, and Arcobaleno watches start speaking. The speaker congratulates all of the participants and introduces himself as Checker Face. The watches then display the results of the first day's battle. The other six teams notice that Team Verde beat 5 people in ten minutes and wonder how they did it. Meanwhile in Kokuyo Land, Verde comments on how his team has something that no other team has and brings out a box of special equipment. The receivers of the box are the "Illusionist Duo", Mukuro Rokudo and Flan.


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