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The Sun After The Mist Arrives!

Volume 19

Kiri Nochi Hare Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date April 4, 2008
Volume Number 19
Volume Guide
Ver.V.R. Arrives!
X Burner Arrives!

The Sun After The Mist Arrives! (霧のち晴来る, Kiri Nochi Hare Kuru!) is the 19th volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga series by Akira Amano.



With adult Mukuro's help, Chrome is able to create solid bodies of Mukuro, Chikusa, and Ken, that defeats Glo Xinia. An adult Ryohei then finds and takes her to the others at the Vongola hideout. Meanwhile, the adult Mukuro uses the body of a Milliefore member to spy on the Millefiore, but he is defeated by Byakuran, causing Chrome's condition to worsen for a short time. The Vongola decide to attack the Milliefore in a few days and continue training. While Tsuna tries to control the new flame through the balance of energy distribution, Gokudera is able to open one of the boxes, releasing a lazy cat, and Yamamoto manages to land one blow on Reborn during practice. Meanwhile, Shoichi Irie, a high-ranking member of the Milliefiore, assembles all members in order to announce an attack on the Vongola hideout.

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