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The Strongest Seven

142 Cover

Saikyō no 7nin
Air Date July 18, 2009
Arc Arcobaleno Trials Arc
Episode 142
Opening Song Easy Go
Ending Song Aoi Yume
Episode Guide
Trial 1

The Strongest Seven (最強の7人) is the 142nd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Back in the past, the 7 Arcobaleno are heading to Namimori to present Tsuna and his family with their trials. Meanwhile, in the future, Irie is telling Tsuna and his friends the details before sending them to the past. He reveals that although months have passed in the future, only three days have passed in the past. He warns them that they should not tell anyone what happens in the future for fear of affecting it. He also tells them that the Arcobaleno Trials are a week long and must be completed without fail. Using Irie's device, they are sent back in time. Everyone resumes their normal lives. The Irie Shoichi of the past receives a letter from himself that tells him to place the Ten Year Bazooka under the Namimori Shrine. Gokudera and Yamamoto arrive to Tsuna's house where Reborn informs them that the Arcobaleno Trials involve all of Tsuna's Guardians. He then explains the background of each Arcobaleno and reveals they each have a special ability.


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