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The Selfish Child's Disappearance

38 Cover

Wagamama Koushi no Shissō
Air Date June 30, 2007
Arc Varia Arc
Episode 38
Opening Song Boys and Girls
Ending Song Echo Again
Episode Guide
Teacher and Student Combination, Assembled
The Invisible Enemies Goal is?

The Selfish Child's Disappearance (ワガママ子牛の失踪) is the 38th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Under Reborn's instructions, Tsuna embarks on a search to find the missing Lambo. At the same time, Haru is testing Tsuna to find out whether he is still the kind and compassionate Tsuna who had saved her in the river because she thought she saw him harassing Lambo. Her first test is leaving a coin on the ground for Tsuna to find. He doesn't believe it and comments on how lucky he is. He uses it to buy drinks. HaruBianchi, and Reborn have different opinions. Test failed. The next test is Haru dressing up as a old lady. She is wearing a paper machie mask. When Tsuna walks up to her, she askes for directions. Suddenly, Haru's mask melts, and Tsuna runs away, frightened.  HaruBianchi, and Reborn are shocked, (supposably) unaware of the melting mask.


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